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I often get asked many questions about who I am, what my “niche” is, who my clientele is, and what my aesthetic is.

Firstly, hi! My name is Colleen, not Kata, Kata was my grandmothers name, I secretly do wish it were my name though. ❤

Truthfully, sometimes I dont have a simple answer, I dont believe in fluffing things up to meet everyone’s expectations , to me, art is art.

I wouldnt say I have a “niche” I just design, my work is for every one,  every bride to be. If you care about sustainability and ethical practices, you got it here, yet I still say my work has a very LUXE feel about it.

Yes, I know, in this industry most designers have this “fairy tale” like bio of why they do what they do, how they are inspired by beauty and the whole bridal experience, and that may be thier story, mine is a little different, still done all with love.

Firstly I am an artist, with a wide range of mediums. I am a writer, painter, sketcher, designer, re purposer of old finds, I dont fit into one specific niche, I create. I have been creating since I was a very young girl, it is what makes me feel alive.

I create what I am feeling. Its not always inspired by love, though sometimes it is, sometimes my best work comes from loss or just by observing the world around me, or that last minute ditch idea that I just go with, sometimes those are my best creations.

I am also a romantic, who completely believes in the magic and serendipity of love. I believe in timing and I believe in things we cant explain.

I am a moon lover, the night sky and barefoot walks in summer grass. I feel most at home in nature.

I know that in the fashion/ bridal business the big word is COHESIVE, my collections are not always cohesive, If they come together that way, great, if not, thats cool too. I find it hard to be cohesive, we are all so unique and different as people, how I like to keep my work.

Every piece I design has a life, music has a way of inspiring me, experiences, places and feeling,  each piece has a name and a story behind that name, it is very personal to me.

I believe in community, not competition with my peers in the industry, I work with many accessory designers , either styling thier product or incorporating them into a styled shoot I am working on. Art is Art.

My work is created in my home studio. Creative Chaos.  Staying true to my roots is so important to me. I create my designs in the most difficult way possible: completely by hand, one at a time and just for you from beginning to end by me, occasionally I work with with 2 other artisans, my sons, who are just amazing to work with. They are both artists as well, so the creative explosion that happens is inspired.

I am also a mother, daughter, caretaker and Chihuahua mom.

Most days, its hair up , yoga pants and t shirts, no glamour going on here, materialism does not hold a place in my heart.

If I had to describe my line I would think it is a collection with its roots in fine art, great poetry, great music and high fashion with couture craftsmanship. Made for people wanting something that reflects thier own unique style, pieces for the modern bride who has her own outlook and style that wants to take it into her wedding day.  As a designer, quality, design and craftsmanship are a huge  factoring  process that I am passionate about. Ethical and sustainable practice and use of couture skills are at the forefront. I ultimately want to create a heirloom to be passed down for generations.  My work is varied by it’s unique blending of technique, texture and fine materials while  combining old techniques with a modern aesthetic and  thinking.

I love most designing custom commissions, limited and one of kind collections.

Pablo Neruda, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison and R.M. Drake speak  to my soul.

I could keep going but then this just becomes a novel! Maybe one day!

If you’d like to know anymore about me, my work or you are looking for your custom piece, please feel free to contact me at kata.banko@gmail.com

Life is beautiful and so are you!



Galia Lahav

Every now and again the Universe gives us a wink, this was one of those times. A horse named Brach, the woods, oh the woods, Galia Lahav Haute Couture, and a “dream team”.

This day would spark the beginning of great things to come. When I look (in awe) of the beauty of this entire shoot, it becomes a song in my mind, a feeling in my soul. It’s so funny how photo’s can evoke feelings.

So with much love, fall, fall deep and aimlessly in love, have your fairytale.

Much love!


Photgraphy: La Candella Weddings/  MUA: Brazil Raine MUA/   Hair: Kristen Campbell Donaldson, La Pomponnee Salon/  Model: Sarah Mantonis/  Jewelry: Edera Jewelry/ Crowns: Kata Banko Couture/  Gown: Galia Lahav “Tony” Gown/   Accessories: Mlle Artsy & Fancy Bowtique/  Flowers: Bella Fiore Designs/  Furniture: Vintage Alley





Trunk Show @Glitter & Grit Pittsburgh PA

For all of you brides who are ditching the mainstream bridal look, there is a place for you, Glitter & Grit, located in Pittsburgh Pa. http://www.glitterandgritpgh.com/


This bridal shoppe is to die for!  Its all about originality and the owner, Erin, is quite amazing as well ❤

We are thrilled to be sharing the spotlight with Tara Lauren Bridal http://tara-lauren.com/  for this trunk show, dreamy romantic bohemian heaven!




And so it begins …

Hello babes!

Trunk show season is in full swing! I am so excited to share the new collection with all of you !

We will be at Unbridaled ( www.unbridaled.com/ ) in Austin TX for the next week, alongside some super cool dress designers such as Celia Grace , Claire La Faye and Kite and Butterfly!

Stay posted for our next arrivals:)

Big hugs and much love!


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