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Happy Friday everyone!

So this is a random not so bridal entry, well kind of not so bridal ❤

I am often asked by peers in my industry, ” do you think you should maybe be a bit more streamlined, and not so open about how you feel or who you are”? “You could lose clients if you stray away from trends and if you go against the grain”.

My answer is quite simply, no.

Quick description of who I am:

My name is Colleen, I am the owner/designer of Kata Banko Couture. I am often addressed as Kata, Im okay with that, Kata was my grandmothers name, and its pretty cool:)

I am a California girl living on the East Coast…you can take the girl out of Cali but you cant take Cali out of the girl.

I am a mother of two AMAZING young men as well as mommy to two Amazing Chihuahuas.

I live a very chill life, not so into materialism or fancy cars, in fact, I have been driving the same car for the past 12 years, its a car.

I live on a daily dose of great music, when life gets crazy, I go on a Grateful Dead diet, nothing like tunes that give you good vibes.

I am not trying to be like every one else, my designs come from the heart, I do everything the old fashioned way, by hand.

I like to not be completely mainstream, I am totally okay with going against the grain.

This is just the beginning to wonderful, a catalyst to save the world one person, one animal, one acre at a time.

All in all, I wouldn’t change a thing! I have been so lucky to be surrounded by an amazing team, amazing friends family and clients. I have given up  a lot to follow my dream, its not easy, but its so worth it.

So yeah, this is me. I probably will always do my own thing, I can promise all of you Kata Banko Brides out there…you come first in my business, so it is more about you than playing it mainstream. ❤

Big Love Big Hugs ❤





Its Trunk Show Time!

Welcome to Bridal Season 2016!

We have kicked off our Trunk Show Campaign in Austin Texas at Unbridaled, if you’ve never heard of this salon, take a minute to check it out! www.unbridaled.com/

It is the cure for the uncommon bride, the owners are AMAZING and the consultants are fabulous!  Unbridaled offers  a refreshing and modern bridal shopping experiencing that is down-to-earth, hip, and helpful.

So for all of you brides in and around the area, this will be an amazing trunk show, also did you know I offer customization? Yep, so get your bride on ❤



I am often asked, “Where do you get your inspiration”?

Truthfully, everywhere.  Music, lots of music, nature, art, my two incredibly talented boys, quotes, books, brides to be, life and death.

You can find beauty in almost everything, if your looking for it.

Here is a peek into creative process ❤

Shout out To Jacquelyn Johnson for some of the great photos and for being a muse ❤


Oh Hey There!

As we begin 2016 I could not be happier with the results!

2015 was a year full of awakenings and nostalgia!

As a designer, I lost and found myself, I went back to my roots and

the beginnings of why I am doing what I do.


I hope you enjoy the preview!


Photographer : Angie Candell

Model: Megan Sawey

MUA: Brazil Raine

Hair: Nicole Digmiller


2016 Collection and the Originals

Firstly, let me just say my model and photographer were absolute troopers! It was freezing cold and we had no heat or electrical source, but we did have fun:)

I cannot thank Jacquelyn , the photographer, enough for capturing these beautiful shots, it show the softness in the accessories and veils.

I hope you enjoy this as much as I do!


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